Who we are …

Co-Founders, Directors and partners, Keith Graham and Emma Hubbard started ‘Two Monkeys Foundation in 2018.

… so what’s in a name? … while neither Keith nor Emma are proponents of Chinese astrology both were born in the Year of The Monkey … it seemed as good a moniker as any …

With help from Australian Philanthropic Services (see Partner page for more information on APS), Keith and Emma are slowly distilling the direction for the Foundation in two key areas.

Investment strategies – to ensure that the initial monetary contributions from the Directors continue to grow, funding charitable giving far into the future.

Disbursement Planning – maximising the impact of annual bequests by refining nominated charities within chosen areas of focus.

Keith Graham – Founder/Director
Born in Dublin, Ireland, Keith has spent more time out of his home country than in. He spent 15 years in Holland and has been residing in Australia for the past 15 years.

Emma Hubbard – Founder/Director
Born in Birmingham, England, Emma has lived in Australia since she was 8 years old. She now firmly identifies as ‘Australian’.

Both enjoy successful careers in the Corporate arena and are looking to leverage their experience with an eye on philanthropy.

Together, Keith and Emma call Sydney, Australia home. They are raising two special young men, with two fully fledged adult children, living independently.

…” Our sincere hope is that our children will take active rolls in the philanthropic activities of Two Monkeys Foundation. We hope that they will be inspired, not only to donate but to participate – to make a difference.”

... Emma